Reducing Re-Offending

Reducing Re-Offending

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) was created to bring together both prisons and probation Trusts. NOMS was tasked with the responsibility of reducing re-offending and also set a target for reducing the rate by 5% in 2008 and 10% by 2010.

The Offender Management Bill forms a key part of the government’s strategy to reach this goal. The main aim of the bill is to reduce re-offending by improving how offenders are managed and supervised.

Northamptonshire Probation Trust aims to reduce re-offending by working with offenders to change their behaviour as well as addressing issues which led them to offend. We do this in the following ways:

Accommodation: Having stable accommodation and support helps offenders live more structured lives.

Education, training and Employment (ETE): Northamptonshire Probation Trust offers offenders the opportunity to learn basic skills. These skills help in securing employment. 

Health: Northamptonshire Probation Trust has links with local health trusts, social care and mental health services to help those offenders in need of help.

Drugs and Alcohol: Drug and alcohol misuse is known to be linked to offending behaviour and Northamptonshire Probation Trust recognises this and offers help to those offenders in accessing services.

Finance, Benefit and Debt: Some offenders experience difficulty with their finances. Early intervention in this area helps identify problems and provide access to financial services, advice and benefits as required.

Attitudes, Thinking and Behaviour: Northamptonshire Probation Trust offers accredited programmes to those offenders who need to address their attitudes, thinking and behaviour which is linked to their offending. For more information on the programmes NPT run, please click here.

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