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Youth Arts Competition Launched!

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Jack Straw visits Community Payback Team in Northampton

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London Community Payback Competition Announcement

London Community Payback Competition Announcement

Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State for Justice, recently announced the winner of the competition to manage Community Payback in London.

Attached is a letter from Colin Allars, NOMS Director of Probation and Contracted Services, a notification and Q & A document.



Q & A's

Five days a week for Community Payback

Five days a week for Community Payback

Offenders will be made to do a full five day week of hard work and job seeking, under new proposals for community sentences confirmed on 26th August 2011 by Minister for Prisons and Probation, Crispin Blunt. The work will include hard manual labour, improving public areas by clearing up litter, cleaning graffiti, maintaining parks and other green spaces.

The new instructions will see unemployed criminals forced to work a minimum of 28 hours over four days, with the fifth day spent looking for full time employment. Prior to this announcement, Community Payback Programmes could be spread out over 12 months with some offenders working for a minimum of just six hours a week. The new, more intensive scheme will also be delivered more immediately after sentence, imposed on offenders within seven days of sentencing, instead of the two weeks it currently takes following a court appearance.

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Launch of Northamptonshire's Childen and Young Peoples Plan 2011-2012

Going for Gold: Children and Young People's Plan 2011-2012 (Northamptonshire County Council)

Reducing inequalities in health experience, staying safe and improving outcomes for looked after children are just some of the priorities contained in the updated Children and Young People's Partnership Plan for children and young people in Northamptonshire.

Northamptonshire's Children and Young People's Partnership (CYPP) is made up of a wide range of organisations,, including councils, schools, health organisations police and voluntary sector agencies all working together to improve outcomes for children and young people in the county.

To help us work together to provide the best services and support, the Partnership has produced a Children's Plan for 2011-2012. Although producing such a Plan is no longer a statutory requirement, we feel it is important o set out what we collectively want to achieve for children and young people in the coming years. The review of this plan evidenced many improvements across the services that we provide and we want to build on the progress we have made.

The plan for 2011-2012 was developed n consultation with partners, the Children and Young Peoples Shadow Board and with input from on-line public consultation. The six key priorities in the plan are based on local needs and what parents, professionals and young people tell us.

The key priorities in the plan are 2011-2012 are:

One: Improving learner engagement, attainment, achievement and progress for all children and young people

Two: Ensuring children and young people are safe from harm

Three: Keeping children and young people safe from being either victims of crime or becoming offenders

Four: Reducing inequalities in health experience and outcomes for children and young people

Five: Improving outcomes for children who are looked after

Six: Develop initiatives to decrease the impact of poverty on families and Young people

Jan Norman, Chair of the Children and Young People's Partnership Board and Director of Nursing for the Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire Cluster PCTs said: "We want to ensure that children and young people in Northamptonshire are healthy, safe and are helped to achieve their full potential, so they can make a positive contribution to the community and live happy, fulfilled lives".

The plan went live on 22nd August 2011. A version of the plan will be available to download in PDF by using the Children and Young People's Partnership website:

Employment Project Coffee Morning


Northamptonshire Probation Trust (NPT), the Mallows Company and the REACH Employment Project Coffee Morning: 5th September 2011

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Northamptonshire Probation Trust announces winner of Youth Arts Competition

Northamptonshire Probation Trust has announced the winner of the Probation and Crimestoppers Youth Arts Competition, out of 52 entries received. The winning student was a fourteen year old who currently attends Northampton Continuum School.  A presentation took place on 11th May 2011, where the cheques worth £250 were presented.

The competition launched in October 2010 gave young people across Northampton, the opportunity to express their feelings about crime and win a cash prize for their school. Sponsored by Crimestoppers, the competition was aimed to get young people to think about what crime means to them and the effect crime has on the community in which they live.

Denise Meylan, Director of Offender Management & Public Protection said "The winning entry was very thought provoking as the student focused on the estate in which he lives, his perception of crime within it and related consequences criminality brings".

Rger Nicklin from Northamptonshire Crimestoppers said: "We have been delighted to support this competition which has given young people an opportunity to think about the real impact of crime on individuas and local communities. The winning entry was very imaginative and showed creative talent".

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